Hats for small heads

If you have a smaller than average size head, you know how difficult it is to find a hat that fits properly.

Liddle hats fit "petite" size heads, so you can finally wear a cute, stylish cap without feeling like your head is being swallowed whole.

Fits 53-57 cm head circumference or 21-22.5 inches.

See what happy Liddle hat owners have to say! 
"Actually does fit my tiny head and love the buckle as opposed to Velcro adjustment."
★★★★★Karen S. 

"I am 34 years old and FINALLY found a hat that fits my small head. I am right in between youth and adult sizing of hats and this is perfect. Being able to wear a baseball cap that fits me properly is a game changer ( I know sounds silly, right?) but being able to protect my face from the sun or not worrying about doing my hair is the best! Also, the seller is fast at responding, fast at shipping and is really nice!"
Alicia J. 

"This is the first hat that fits my tiny head! Thank you!!"
Stephanie L.

"I love my hat, it fits my small head perfectly lol. This is the only hat I can really wear out & about & not feel weird about how it looks."

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